Sundbyberg Municipality digitizes workforce identities with Nexus Smart ID

Sundbyberg Municipality, a long-term Nexus customer has recently transitioned to Smart ID Identity Manager from an older Nexus product to better manage the lifecycle of its 1900 employee identities.

Through corporate smartcards, Sundbyberg employees can identify themselves visually, open doors, log in to computers and digital services and use follow-me printing. Each employee receives a high-security, standardized card with a uniform appearance. Each smartcard includes a unique user certificate which helps to manage the full lifecycle of cards from issuance to revocation.

Benefits of Sundbyberg's employee identity cards:

  • Time-saving: administrators can reduce administration tasks as many things are compiled onto one card.
  • Simplified access: it is easier for employees to access different resources as they do not need to remember several passwords.
  • Improved security: easier to validate employees through visual identification and IT security will be strengthened through two-factor authentication.

Nexus partner, Certezza, has performed both the original Smart ID implementation as well as the recent upgrade.

Watch to learn more about how Sundbyberg municipality is using Smart ID:


More information

Nexus Smart ID Identity Manager is a solution for centralized lifecycle management of identities for physical and digital access, to enable transparency, traceability and compliance across units and locations. With the automation of complex security processes, self-service functionality, approval steps and integration into the IT and physical access environment, Identity Manager helps you simplify on- and offboarding and reduce operational costs.


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