Strömsund Municipality adopts workforce identities as-a-service

Strömsund Municipality has selected Nexus GO Workforce to issue and manage trusted identities for its workforce, as a service. Nexus GO Workforce will help Strömsund employees securely login to shared devices, gain access to digital systems and resources, sign digital documents, and identify themselves visually.

For Strömsund’s home care department, a major challenge was to enable secure access to the shared devices. It was also imperative that no personal devices or credentials are used to gain access to municipal resources.

Nexus offered Strömsund’s Municipality a secure and highly scalable solution to facilitate secure employee login to their shared devices. With GO Workforce, Strömsund can issue PKI-based identities for its employees, in the form most suitable for the role and its need. Identities can be hosted on physical smartcards or on virtual smart cards on laptops (TPM-based VSCs) and mobile phones (mobile VSCs).

In a shared device environment, employees use their NFC compatible smart cards. These contactless, PKI smart cards contain certificates with individual employee information. When used in conjunction with the Nexus Smart ID Mobile App, the users can authenticate themselves with the smart cards to gain access to the resources. This type of authentication method is also a multi-factor authentication, thus providing the much-needed additional layer of security.

Strömsund will also leverage Nexus GO Workforce for digitally singing PDF documents.

“It is a perfect solution for us. On one hand, we get secure logins to various systems in a user-friendly way that works for all our employees, regardless of work tasks and conditions. Then with the solution, we can authenticate ourselves towards those we meet. They see that we come from Strömsund Municipality and our names. It provides a sense of security, says Ida Haglund, Head of the Technology and Planning Unit / Operational Controls at the Health and Social Administration, Strömsund Municipality.

Nexus solutions for trusted workforce identities enable secure digitization by establishing unique identities for users of an organization – employees, partners, contractors, and customers – that can be applied for use cases such as two-factor authentication, digital signing, Windows login, and single-sign-on among others. Deploying these solutions as a service, allows organizations to quickly adopt a scalable solution without any operational or administrative overheads.




About Strömsund Municipality

Strömsund Municipality is located north of Sweden in Jämtland Country. The municipality is located next to Norway and is surrounded by lots of nature.  

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