How do you want to deploy your workforce solution?

Nexus supports mixed environments, a variety of use cases, enterprise trust models and a choice of physical or virtual smart cards.

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Smart ID Workforce platform

You make sure the infrastructure exists, and Nexus or our partners deploy the software with integration services. Pick and choose from the Smart ID building blocks or go fully secure with both physical and virtual smart cards including access management.

Select a traditional perpetual model or set up as a per-user model and pay as you go and as you grow!

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Cards and key fobs as a service

Nexus GO Cards

Nexus GO Cards makes it easy to outsource the personalization of smart cards, and lets you use approvals and REST-based integration into your business processes. In our self-service portal you can manage everything from order to logistics for your cards and key fobs. We deliver ready-to-use identities to 100+ countries. You can also increase the level of assurance and trust for the secure issuance process, by integrating the service into Smart ID identity management.

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You control, we enable extra trust

Hybrid Smart ID Workforce

With a hybrid solution, you can keep Smart ID identity management in your control while you connect to an online CA managed by Nexus, and integrate with trust service providers such as D-Trust and Quovadis. Our platform builds trust in a mixed end-point environment for people or things. This provides flexibility in hierarchy and trust to fit your needs.

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Let us manage your workforce identity platform

We at Nexus are often a critical part of our customers’ infrastructure. Our cloud services for the workforce allows you to focus on information security and secure digitalization, while we take care of all other aspects of identity management. We assure availability coupled with continuous upgrades and maintenance.

We are ISO 27001 and TISAX certified and follow strict role-based access control and authorization including segregation of duties. Our core PKI is common criteria EAL 4+ certified.

Nexus can deploy the Smart ID platform in your name, meet your specific needs regarding short-lived certificates, mix of RFID technologies and certificate policy and keep your environment crypto agile through upgrades in key usage.

We build trust in a mixed identity environment, where the passport is your physical security key that can be derived into mobile virtual smart cards.

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