PKI middleware

Public key infrastructure (PKI) middleware is software that acts as a bridge between an operating system and applications, enabling PKI-based authentication, digital signing and encryption.

Nexus’s PKI middleware, Nexus Personal Desktop, provides your users with intuitive two-factor authentication (2FA) and digital signing straight from their desktops. The client is well-suited for cloud, Windows, Mac and Linux application use.

User-friendly authentication

The PKI-based electronic identity needed for authentication and digital signing is stored either as a software token on the user’s computer, or on a PKI card or some other hardware token. If a PKI card is used, a card reader is connected to the user’s computer. To authenticate or sign, the user just types a PIN into the user interface pop-up window.

Secure mobile ID activation

Uses include enabling user-friendly 2FA for desktop applications, domain login, and remote desktop and VPN access. The solution is also well-suited for secure and cost-effective user identification for online banks, e-commerce sites or e-services in the public sector. The signing functionality might be used for transactions such as online shopping, loan applications, contract signing and tax declarations.

Personal Desktop is also very well suited for secure mobile ID activation in the Nexus Personal Mobile app.

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