PKI certificate management

To manage the entire life-cycle of your users’ public key infrastructure (PKI) credentials in a smooth, secure and cost-effective manner, you need everything from certificate authority (CA) software to self-service stations.

PKI has proven to be the most cost-effective and secure way of implementing security solutions for authentication, digital signatures and encryption. At the heart of all PKI solutions is a CA software, which issues and manages the certificates that ensure the trustworthiness of the digital identities. The digital identities can be hosted on PKI cards or other authenticators, such as virtual smart cards on mobile phones or PCs.

Life-cycle management

The first step is to make sure that the PKI card or virtual smart card is issued with the right assurance level: how certain do you have to be that the right user gets the right PKI credential? The rest of the credential life cycle can consist of things such as issuing a certificate, changing PINs, renewing the certificate, prolonging card validity and revoking the certificate.

Comprehensive CA capabilities

To make sure that the right person gets the right credential you need a digitalized workflow with approval steps, user self-service stations and connections to other systems, such as enterprise directories and HR systems.

With our solutions, you get comprehensive CA capabilities, and a secure and centralized management of the PKI credentials during their whole life-cycle.

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