Visual ID management

To manage the entire life-cycle of your photo ID cards in a smooth, secure and cost-effective manner, you need everything from self-service stations to advanced software.

Many organizations need their employees or students to be visually identifiable: the school doors may be unlocked during the daytime, or the caretaker must be able to see that the health-care worker entering their home really is who they say they are, for example.

Centralized card management

The first step in the visual ID management life-cycle is to make sure that the photo ID card is issued with the right assurance level: how certain do you have to be that the right user gets the right credential?

To make sure that the right person gets the right card you need a digitalized workflow with approval steps, user self-service stations and connections to other systems, such as enterprise directories or HR systems.

With our solutions, you get a secure and centralized card management during their entire life-cycle. Most importantly, auto-generated messages that urge the user to update their picture in a self-service station are sent out with the intervals of your choice.

Technology on the card

The visual ID is often fitted with technology such as RFID and PKI chips, so that it can be used for applications other than visual identification, such as logging in to applications or computers, opening doors, signing transactions, making payments, and using follow-me printing.

When you include other features on the card, the requirements for its life-cycle change; our ID life-cycle management solutions can manage all different card technologies and applications.

Choose card acquisition method

Nexus offers everything you need to personalize and issue cards on your own premises, such as card printers, blank cards, self-service stations, software and software development tools, which offer functionality for designing, printing and encoding cards.

Order your cards as a service.

You can also get ready-to-use cards as a service, with the option to integrate the ordering portal into systems such as your HR system or ID life-cycle management software (from Nexus or another vendor).

Buy everything you need to make cards on premises.

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