Nexus Service Station

Nexus Service Station is a hardware and software package that lets your users administer a range of tasks required during the life-cycle of their access cards, such as capturing photos, entering user data, locking and updating cards. This means that your costs for card administration can be dramatically reduced.

Nexus Service Station has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand workflows. The height of the station is adjustable via easy-to-access buttons below the keyboard. This enables the user to adjust the location.

Protected against damage

Nexus Service Station is a robust stand- alone station in steel casing and it is by default equipped with a PC, an advanced DSLR camera, a smart card reader, a signature pad and a metal keyboard. The station can optionally be equipped with a plastic card rewrite printer. The camera and all other electronics are well encapsulated and protected against damage  and  intrusion,  and  the  cabinet is secured with a 22-milimeter pressure cylinder lock. Nexus Service Station uses touch screen and the software is locked down to a special kiosk mode to prevent improper usage of the  station.

Dramatically reduced costs

Nexus Service Station is preferably installed in a public area to which most users have access, such as the reception or the lunch room. The users identify themselves at the station with their username and password, their domain login credentials, or their  smart cards.

Using the Nexus Service Station means that your costs for employee or contractor card administration can be dramatically reduced.

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