On-premise card personalization

To personalize and issue RFID cards and photo ID cards on your own premises, you need equipment such as card printers and encoding software. To make the production smoother and more cost-efficient, you also need self-service stations and advanced software support.

Nexus offers all the equipment and consumables you need for on-premises card personalization: plastic card printers, ribbons, encoding software, encoding hardware, table readers and blank cards.

Software tools

We also provide a set of software development tools that offer functionality for designing, printing and encoding RFID cards and photo ID cards. It can easily be integrated into most physical access control systems, identity management systems or enterprise recourse planning (ERP) systems to enable card production on site.

With our solution, you would not need to get a new system for card production. Instead, you would integrate our solution with an existing system and utilize the user information that you already have in your system to make the cards. If you need to collect additional information, such as photos and signatures, there is functionality for that as well.

Self-service station

Nexus also offers the Nexus Service Station, which is a user-friendly hardware and software package that lets your users administer selected tasks that are required during the life-cycle of the card, such as taking pictures, rewriting cards, changing PINs, prolonging card validity and blocking cards. This means that your costs for employee or contractor card administration can be dramatically reduced.

Cards as a service

If you do not want to personalize and issue your cards on premises, Nexus offers ready-to-use cards as a service, with the option to integrate the ordering portal into systems such as your HR system or ID life-cycle management software (from Nexus or another vendor).

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