Secure digital signatures

Using secure digital signatures is essential for organizations that want to digitalize their operations. Letting your users sign online means they will complete more transactions and do it faster. Digital signing reduces costly and error-prone paperwork, increases traceability and makes it easier to be compliant with rules, regulations and internal policies.

The cloud service, Nexus GO Signing, enables your end users to make advanced electronic signatures on PDF documents. Simply sign up for a subscription and your users can start signing straight away.

Digital signing is useful when you want to:

  • Digitally sign protocols, agreements or any other documents
  • Let users sign using various eIDs
  • Reduce slow and costly paperwork
  • Increase traceability
  • Ensure compliance

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How does it work?

You can let users sign documents either in an included signing portal or by building in the signing operations in your own applications using an API. A signed document contains information about who signed the document, when the signature was added, and that the signature was valid when the document was signed. It can later be verified that the document has not been modified after it was signed.

Users can sign with Nexus’ mobile app, Swedish BankID or their existing IDs, such as corporate mobile IDs or smart cards. To use existing identities, the service can be connected to an identity provider, such as Nexus Smart ID Digital Access

As long as the used digital IDs were securely issued, the signatures from Nexus GO are classified as “advanced electronic signature” according to the EU regulation on electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS).

What does it cost?


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0 EUR per signed document, regardless of number of signatures 

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You will have a fixed monthly fee regardless of numbers of signings. Contact us for more information and to get started!


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Why Nexus

The main advantages of Nexus’ Digital Signing offering are that it:


Is offered as a cloud service, so you can get started today without any installations, and only pay for what you use.


Creates reliable electronic signatures that comply to eIDAS and similar regulations.


Is very easy to use for anyone, anywhere and anytime and with any type of identity.

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