Nexus Go PKI

Nexus' PKI as a Service is a flexible and scalable solution that enables organizations to quickly design and deploy their own PKI platform to issue, manage and validate certificate-based digital identities for mixed endpoint environments that include people, infrastructure and things. Nexus' PKI platform is certified with Common Criteria EAL4+.

The PKI technology and security remain the same, even when using an “as a service” approach. Our PKIaaS cloud service allows our customers to focus on optimizing their business while we manage the PKI infrastructure. We assure availability, coupled with continuous upgrades and maintenance.

In addition, options to deploy a subordinate CA in your name, meet your specific needs regarding certificate policies or short-lived certificates, or keep your environment crypto agile through upgrades in key usage are available.

Why choose PKI as a Service?

The number of “as a service” deployments is growing due to the convenience of implementing a scalable solution making it easier than ever to enable digital transformation. With PKI creating the foundation for security strategies, organizations are no longer limited to choosing an on-premise solution.

Simplify PKI operations

PKI deployment can be complex and requires expertise and resources. PKI as a Service is an easy way to outsource the heavy lifting while still getting the benefits.

Meet compliance and regulatory requirements

Organizations must meet stringent compliance requirements when hosting a PKI on-premise. Choosing an "as a service" option gives organizations access to best practices and compliant solutions.

Quick deployment of scalable services

PKIaas offers more flexible and customizable PKI services which allow you to get up a running faster. 

Benefits of PKIaaS

Nexus GO PKI is a great option for organizations that need to quickly set up a PKI infrastructure to automate certificate lifecycles but do not have the knowledge, dedicated staff, systems and resources to do this in-house. You can expect the following key features:

  • Offers a complete public-key infrastructure (PKI) platform as the basis for trusted identities.
  • Can automate and manage certificates to persons, hardware devices such as servers and routers, and DevOps processes.
  • Enables high-security processes by built-in certificate authority policies and enforced the four-eye principle for configuration changes.
  • Allows certificate storage on various bearers through support for multiple certificate enrollment protocols.
  • Can be combined with publicly trusted certificates (over SCEP or ACME) for example for secure email and public-facing web servers.
  • Fully managed by Nexus PKI experts

Comparison: Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager vs Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services

Are you evaluating platforms for your corporate PKI? Learn more about the Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager in comparison to Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services. Read our guide!

Nexus offers flexible deployment to meet the needs of your organization

Whether as a service, on-premise, or a hybrid solution, Smart ID can be adapted to meet any use case


As a service

Customized or standard service

Let us set up and manage a customized Smart ID solution for your needs and use cases, or choose among our standard services in Nexus GO. 

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Smart ID platform in your environment

You make sure the infrastructure exists, and Nexus or our partners deploy the software with integration services. Pick and choose from the Smart ID building blocks. You can either select a traditional perpetual model or set up as a per-user model and pay as you go and as you grow!

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Service + On-premises

Hybrid solution

Combine services and on-premises deployment to your needs. For example, you can let Nexus administrate an online CA (certificate authority), but manage identities in a local Smart ID system. 


Smart ID is a trusted platform by a wide range of organizations needing to strengthen their PKI security for people, devices and things:

Why Nexus


Proven worldwide

Is used in critical, large-scale installations by several of the biggest mobile operators world-wide.

High security

Offers proven high security as Nexus’ quality-assured PKI platform is being certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+, and Nexus’ organization comply with ISO 27001 and TISAX.


Offers the highest level of compliance through a common criteria (EAL4+) certified platform and the possibility to store CA keys in a wide range of hardware security modules (HSM).