A simplified standard service

Our free trial cloud PKI service is a simplified standard service. The environment is shared with other trial customers with the following details:

Operations: Certificate enrolment

Enrolment protocols: EST, EST-CoAPs and REST

Certificates: X.509, Matter DAC

CA: Generic test CA named “IoT Device Trial CA G1”

CA key type: secp256r1

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Do you want to explore full features of
our cloud PKI solution?

The Nexus CA solution is a Common Criteria EAL4+ certified, fully-fledged and flexible
certification authority platform and remains the industry’s most efficient tool for PKI deployment.
It provides a scalable, multi-tenant-capable, high-security platform for issuing, managing and
validating any sort of PKI-based electronic IDs as well as digital certificates. 

If your business has the need for a more advanced or specific PKI functionality, e.g., other
enrolment protocols, customer-named CA, OCSP/CRL, other key type or length, please do not
hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


Customer case

STIHL selects Nexus to secure IOT connected equipment

STIHL is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and handheld power equipment with a vast international manufacturing network. Innovation has helped the brand to be the world’s biggest selling chainsaw brand for over four decades.

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STIHL IoT Manufacturing

Why Nexus

The main advantages of Nexus GO IoT are:

High security

Is based on PKI certificates,
which enable authenticated and encrypted device-to-cloud and device-to-device communication


Get started with PKI certificates as a service in a quick and easy way. Sign up for our trial service to verify the certificate provisioning. Pay as you go.


Scalable and flexible solution,
which supports multiple standards
and enrollment protocols for various devices.

 IoT for multiple business verticals

Issue and manage certificate-based, cryptographically secure and unforgeable identities for IoT devices and applications, enabling end-to-end security within the following sectors:

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