What is Nexus GO Cards?

Nexus GO Cards is an online service enabling quick and easy ordering of cards, key fobs and accessories, from your own customized assortment. The service includes all types of products for secure identification and access control to physical and digital resources. See multi-functional cards in use.

Why Nexus GO Cards?

Nexus GO Cards takes the stress and hassle out of ordering cards and accessories. Nexus produces high-quality and secure products. Let the skilled Nexus team and our automated processes take over your card printing and encoding, so you can focus on your core business tasks. As a bonus, the service is easily scalable and does not require any initial investments or in-house production skills.

How does it work?

Choose package depending on required security and service levels. If you would like your products customized, encoded and ready to use, select our Premium offer. For PKI cards/smart cards, select the PKI card package. If you need non-programmed standard cards select our Standard offer. A Mobile Visual ID can be combined with both Standard and Premium card packages.  

Find out more about our card packages:






Learn more about our Standard package including available card technologies and card services, read outs, optional security features and how to get started.

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Premium package products are fully customized with your company logo and color scheme, personalized with photo and name, encoded and ready to use. Discover the card technologies, services and security features available.

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PKI Cards

When using Nexus service for your PKI cards you don´t have to train personnel or set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) or on-site printers, we will provide that for you.

Learn more about our PKI Card offerings or contact us to get started.


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Mobile Visual ID

Extend your physical access card or your corporate photo ID card with a mobile visual ID!
Can be combined with Standard- or Premium card packages.

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Nexus Go Cards

One Card - Many Possibilities

Nexus personalized smart cards and access cards for physical and digital access let your users have one card to cover all their needs: access to office space, login to Windows, digital signing and email encryption and more.


Mobile visual ID. Add as a complement to your card!

Extend the card solution and offer your employees to have a smooth mobile visual ID card to cover extended use cases. Now this function is added as an additional feature for both the standard and premium card packages in Nexus online portal.

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reduce cost if you order 1000 cards per year compared to producing on-premises.


days from order to delivery.


You get the cards delivered 100% ready to use.

Why Nexus

The main advantages of the service Nexus GO Cards are that it:


Lets you pay for what you need when you need it, without initial investments or paying the cost of production errors.


Delivers cards with your customized layout including company logo, color scheme, personal photo and text fields such as name and department.


Provides your cards ready to use, encoded and with any visual security elements to ensure the right level of security.

For more information

For more information about the cards packages or how to register your GO Cards account, contact our Customer Service team.
To learn more about the Nexus GO Cards service, visit our documentation site. View our Hardware section to see a selection of Nexus approved Hardware and Accessories.

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