What is included?

With our Premium offer you will get your cards and key fobs delivered ready to use and fully customized and encoded for your systems with the right security levels for your organization. You will get personal support from a Nexus card specialist for the onboarding. You will receive up to 6 customized card layout suggestions for a professional card design. A sample of the card will be sent to you to ensure that the functionality and the design align with your expectations. Accessories from Nexus' high-quality assortment can be customized and added via the online portal.

In the Premium package you can select from a wide variety of RFID technology, PKI cards and a number of visual security features. 

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Step 1: Select your card technology

  • MIFARE Classic 1K + EM4200 with magstripe
  • Legic Prime MIM256
  • Legic Prime MIM1024
  • Hitag1
  • PKI card
  • Other technologies from our assortment. Ask us for more information.

Includes printing, encoding and read outs. Contact us for more information!


Step 2: Select your security features


Micro text 
Text or microstructure which appears as a solid line to the naked eye. This feature is frequently used on highly secure ID cards.

Ultraviolet print 
The UV print is not detectable to the naked eye and it is only visible when using a UV light source when issuing high security cards. The UV print often contains photos, logos, text or symbols.

Ghost Image 
The Ghost Image is the portrait of the applicant and is generated from lines of micro text. The Ghost image is overlapping the mini portrait in black white. The Ghost image can be placed at any optional position on the card.

Security Foil
A security feature that is easy to recognize, suitable for products authentication. Security foils enable flexible designs by combining various metallic effects with color shifts and dynamic motives.

Standard laminate 
A laminate protects your card from daily wear and increases the lifetime of your card.The standard laminate is shown as, almost invisible, stands symbols on the card.

Customized laminate 
A laminate protects your card from daily wear and increases the lifetime of your card. With the customized laminate you can select your own choice of logo and / or symbols for the laminate.

How to get started

To get started, simply contact the Nexus Customer Success team and they will take care of your entire company onboarding and help with the next steps including further customization and design to meet the needs of your organization.

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