Do you recognize these challenges?

Whether your organization needs new access control cards with specific access rights for employees, contractors, or visitors, you're upgrading technology to meet regulatory compliance, or changing design due to re-branding, issuing, printing, and managing identification cards takes time and resources. When factoring in multiple locations, multi-tenancy, approvals, and design, card management can quickly become a daunting task.

Nexus GO Cards is a secure and complete solution that takes the stress and hassle out of ordering and managing cards and accessories. Leading organizations worldwide depend on Nexus GO Cards. Our expert team can guide you in selecting the right card technology, security features, personalization and design.

Does your organization face the following challenges:

  • Investing large amounts in hardware and resources 
  • Administrators have to perform most tasks as there is no self-service option for users
  • Difference in card quality between self-printed batches or from other service providers 

Want to know more?

Customer case

Electrolux to streamline and secure its Corporate Identities with Nexus Smart ID

Electrolux chose the GO Card service from Nexus, an innovative cloud service that manages each site in multi-tenancy, enables organizations to keep track of unique identities of users per site as well as approvals for procurement, enrollment and shipping.

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How does it work?

Nexus offers an easy and secure way for organizations to order customized corporate ID cards and accessories. Using Nexus GO Card Management portal, users can access an online order portal that is available from any device, anytime, anywhere and it is available in 9 languages.

Nexus' order portal can be used as a standard ordering system or it can be customized with pre-configured cards based on your organization's guidelines making it even easier for users to order the correct product.

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GO Cards Management Portal

The Go Cards Management portal is more than an ordering tool. It is an easy-to-use tool that gives users access to preview cards and accessories, edit an image, approve and track order and more. Users can also rest assured that card data reporting is available. The following card data can be reported from GO Cards:

  • Reference ID​
  • Production date​
  • Chip number​
  • Read out​
  • Validity date​
  • PIN code

How to get started?

Nexus offers a wide range of card types, technologies, security features, customization options and supports various local card schemes. Whether you are looking for non-programmed cards, key fobs and standardized accessories, fully customized and encoded with the right security levels for your organization, Nexus GO Cards is the right solution for your organization. 

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