Do you recognize these challenges?

Whether your organization needs new access control cards with specific access rights for employees, contractors, or visitors, you're upgrading technology to meet regulatory compliance, or changing design due to re-branding, issuing, printing, and managing identification cards takes time and resources. When factoring in multiple locations, multi-tenancy, approvals, and design, card management can quickly become a daunting task.

Nexus GO Cards is a secure and complete solution that takes the stress and hassle out of ordering and managing cards and accessories. Leading organizations worldwide depend on Nexus GO Cards. Our expert team can guide you in selecting the right card technology, security features, personalization and design.

Does your organization face the following challenges:

  • Managing multiple systems to ensure the right access rights and controls
  • Wrong data is registered in the system, due to the fact that a lot of information is registered manually
  • Administrators have to perform repetitive tasks for many users
  • Manual processes consume a lot of administration time
  • Difference in card quality between self-printed batches or from other service providers

Want to know more?

Customer case

SVEBRA chooses mobile visual ID to give users instant access to their ID cards

SVEBRA has automated their ID card production through the Nexus GO Cards cloud service. This is achieved by integrating the education system with Nexus GO Cards via the provided API.

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How does it work?

Nexus offers an easy and secure way for organizations to order customized corporate ID cards and accessories. The Nexus GO Card Management portal integrates seamlessly with applications such as HR systems and access control systems via the Nexus API. 

By using system integration, information can be managed via one central system. Information can be uploaded and validated within an HR system then passed to GO Cards portal to manage the creation of the physical card. Administrators of the HR system can track orders and receive card data reports from the GO cards platform into the HR system.

This option enables larger companies the ease of bundling multiple systems, locations and administrators which makes the process even smoother and secure. 

Try the demo portal

Nexus GO Cards order portal

ServiceNow integration with Nexus GO

Learn more about the ServiceNow integration with Nexus GO Cards and see how it would appear if you use ServiceNow as your main interface to manage your card orders. 


How to get started?

Nexus offers a wide range of card types, technologies, security features, customization options and supports various local card schemes. Whether you are looking for non-programmed cards, key fobs and standardized accessories, fully customized and encoded with the right security levels for your organization, Nexus GO Cards is the right solution for your organization. 

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