Nexus GO Cards as a Service

Nexus GO Cards as a Service makes it feasible to outsource the production of access cards, photo ID cards and key fobs, since it enables you to easily order them in minutes online.

The first step is to set up a personalized online catalogue of pre-configured cards and key fobs. You then get access to an easy-to-use ordering portal, which can also be integrated with applications such as your intranet or your identity and access management software.

Nexus is delivering ready-to-use cards and key fobs to addresses worldwide.

Proven business cases

Using Nexus GO Cards as a Service is cost-effective compared to producing your access cards and photo ID badges on premise.

* The exact price per card in Nexus GO Cards as a Service depends on what card technologies you choose.

** Included in the calculation are the costs for equipment, software, staff, space, maintenance, consumables and fallout.

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