Trusted identities and security solutions for 

Utility and infrastructure

Do you recognize these challenges?

In our organization, we need to:

  • Grant our employees, consultants and partners access to facilities and digital resources.
  • Digitalize our operations.
  • Ensure operational readiness.
  • Protect communication between connected hardware devices or antennas.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations that apply to energy organizations, such as GDPR and NIS.
  • Offer our customers e-services.
  • Enable digital signing, automation and self-service.

“We needed a uniform identity card for the entire group, so that every employee can visually show that they work at Fortum. As a big group, with high standards of security and growth, we were prepared to take a holistic approach to physical security, and thus chose Nexus Group as a global supplier.”

Tuomo Linjala, Group Security Manager at Fortum

How Nexus can help you

The Nexus Smart ID identity platform enables centralized management of trusted PKI-based identities for employees, hardware devices such as servers and routers, and IoT devices.

Nexus Smart ID offers easy-to-use solutions for:

  • Identities for Workforce - Issue, manage and use trusted corporate identities with the Smart ID Workforce solution.
  • Identities for IoT - Issue and manage trusted identities for connected devices with the Smart ID IoT solution.

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