Smart ID for the Public Sector

Governments and public administrations are steadily adapting and securing operations due to the increased use of digital services, more readily accessible data, and increased regulatory requirements.

From municipalities to the military, healthcare to schools, these organizations have the challenge of protecting citizens while increasing digitalization and maintaining security. With not only the amount of sensitive data being handled but the variety of devices being used within this industry, trusted identities are an essential security tool.

Do you recognize these challenges about trusted identities for the Public Sector?

  • Identify our citizens, users, employees or students visually

  • Take advantage of time and resource-saving technologies such as digital signing

  • Provide smooth e-services to our citizens

  • Utilize automation and self-service due to the high number of users

  • Use automation rather than manual processes to prevent certificate expiry

  • Ensure that there are no unauthorized devices in your network

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Customer case

Nexus Smart ID empowers Digital Faroe Islands vision to embrace e-governance

Nexus Group is a proud partner supporting the creation of a digital infrastructure in the Faroe Islands and will enable client enrolment of digital identities for day-to-day use by citizens of the Faroe Islands, and the entire solution will be compliant with EU eIDAS regulation on electronic identification.

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Public Sector organizations trust Smart ID

Digital transformation and security

Whether your organization needs to issue and manage trusted PKI-based certificates for people, devices or things, the Smart ID platform enables secure, easy-to-use trusted identities. Find the right solution that meets your organizations' needs:

Identities for the Workforce

Establishing an eIDAS compliant solution to issue and manage trusted identities for internal use and external services can easily and seamlessly be done with the Smart ID for the Workforce platform. 

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Identities for Workplace Devices

Automate enterprise certificate provisioning both domain endpoints, such as machines and servers and non-domain endpoints, such as dev ops servers, mobile devices and networking devices with Smart ID for Workplace Devices.

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Powered by Nexus Smart ID PKI  

Why Nexus

Nexus Smart ID has the following key benefits:

Proven worldwide

Is used in critical, large-scale installations by several of the biggest mobile operators world-wide.

High security

Offers proven high security as Nexus’ quality-assured PKI platform is being certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+, and Nexus’ organization comply with ISO 27001 and TISAX.

Offered as a service

Is offered as a service, with guaranteed SLA and capacity as you grow.