Smart ID for IT Departments

IT departments have the difficult task of ensuring the company is secured. Trust is an important factor in today's society and it's important that every person and thing can be trusted. This is why many IT teams rely on Public Key Infrastructure to issue digital certificates that authenticate the identity of every person and thing. 

Whether you need the tools and processes for authentication, federation, IoT security or to ensure secure automated on- and offboarding, Nexus has a solution that fits your needs.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • Ensure secure and automated on- and offboarding of employees.
  • Improve workforce productivity.
  • Enable a secure mobile workforce.
  • Mitigate the damaging effects of cyberattacks.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with regulations and company policies for information and physical security.
  • Lead the digital transformation with automation and trusted cloud services.
  • Coach in modern solutions that empower both security and convenience to help the business teams operate frictionless. 

The IT Manager's Cheat Sheet

Being an IT manager means dealing with a lot of challenges in the day-to-day work. Security threats are constantly developing, as cybercriminals come up with new and more sophisticated methods to hack into systems and steal data or identities. This guide helps you to get ahead of security issues, by taking defined steps.

Download the checklist here


How Nexus can help you

The Nexus Smart ID solution enables you to simplify lifecycle management of digital identities and secure access to digital resources for employees by using automated processes and self-service. You can also manage the lifecycle of trusted identities for IoT and Workplace devices.

Digital ID Management

Issue and manage digital digital identities

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Digital Access Management

Manage access to digital resources.

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Corporate PKI

Issue and manage PKI certificates.

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Identities for IoT

Secure IoT devices with PKI certificates

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Identities for Workplace Devices

Protect workplace devices with trusted identities.

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