Access cards, key fobs, access control management and other solutions for


Do you recognize these challenges?

In our organization, we need to:

  • Grant our workers access to the right construction sites and list them in the electronic staff register.
  • Ensure prevention of unauthorized access to sites.
  • Manage credentials and access rights in a smooth way for thousands of employees and contractors.
  • Change status of cards, for example lock, renew or change validity period. 
  • Keep track of a large numbers of card orders and order history.  
  • Offer our users additional services, for example digital signing of contracts and secure login to resources.

"We had a competitive tender and selected Nexus since we need a supplier that we know can deliver according to our wishes both during the rollout of the new identities and in the future – and that also offers good prices,”

Eva Janving, Development Manager at Skanska Sweden

How Nexus can help you

The Nexus Smart ID identity platform enables centralized management of trusted PKI-based identities for employees, hardware devices such as servers and routers, and IoT devices.

Nexus Smart ID offers easy-to-use solutions for:

  • ID06 - Order ID06 cards for your workers to access construction sites or use additional services.

  • Identities for Workforce - Issue, manage and use trusted corporate identities with the Smart ID Workforce solution.

  • Identities for IoT - Issue and manage trusted identities for connected devices with the Smart ID IoT solution.

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