Mobile IDs

A mobile ID is a virtual smart card in a mobile app. Mobile IDs make two-factor authentication (2FA) and signing smoother and more cost efficient in digital services.

Uses include login and signing in customer portals, e-commerce, online banking, and public-sector e-services. Mobile IDs are also well suited to grant employees access to digital services and to enable them to easily sign documents. You get the highest level of security if the mobile IDs are based on public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

Push notifications in the mobile device

Nexus offers a mobile device 2FA and signing solution in which your users get push notifications to their smart phones when attempting to access your digital services via their computers or mobile devices. They then get access to all the resources granted to them with a single touch on the fingerprint reader, or by entering their PIN in the app.

Your users also get push notifications when they attempt to sign a transaction or document, and then they sign with a touch on the fingerprint reader or by entering their PIN.

User-friendly enrolment process

The enrolment process is very user friendly. Users are invited and can download the app Nexus Personal Mobile via Apple’s App Store or Google Play, and are registered through, for example, a QR code. Users can either be added individually or many simultaneously, and it is possible to integrate the solution with identity and access management platforms.

Multiple layers of security

Personal Mobile consists of multiple layers of security. The user’s digital identity is protected with multiple encryption layers and device-binding, and the app is protected against reverse engineering and malware attacks.

Personal Mobile is also available as a software development kit (SDK), allowing you to build your own 2FA and signing mobile app, or to integrate 2FA and signing in apps with other functions.

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