Hard plastic card holders, yo-yos, lanyards, plastic pockets and clips are used to easily carry around cards and key fobs.

Different users have different needs, so you will want to offer your users different card holders depending on the user’s role in your organization. People also have different personal preferences.

How to choose the right card holder

Nexus offers a very wide range of accessories, including card holders that cover and protect the card from harsh environmental conditions, card holders that allow for smooth removal of the card, lanyards with a safety function that allow them to snap open under pressure, card holders with Bluetooth that communicate with the computer for logins, and card holders that protect the card from skimming.

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We can also help you personalize your card accessories with your logotype or with different colors for different types of users.

Choose card acquisition method

We can configure and produce your cards and key fobs for you, with the option to integrate the ordering portal into systems such as your HR system or ID life-cycle management software (from Nexus or another vendor).

Order your cards as a service.

You can also personalize and issue your cards on premises – we provide all the equipment and consumables you need, such as card printers, blank cards, self-service stations, software and software development tools, which offer functionality for designing, printing and encoding cards.

Buy everything you need to make cards on premises.

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