Solna Municipality selects Nexus GO Cards as a Service for their workforce identity and access cards

We are pleased to announce that Solna Stad, a municipality in the Stockholm region, selected Nexus GO Cards as a Service for all employees in their different administrations, such as health, education, management and technical departments. Solna Stad has many residents and due to its location and business climate, attracts many companies. With many people working within the administrations, Solna Stad needs trusted visual identification for their employees, including access to the right facilities at the right time. Efficient ways of handling and managing access rights in a smooth and secure way are important even when using different access control systems with different RFID capabilities when it comes to RFID technologies.

“The Nexus GO Cards portal is easy and user friendly and the advantages for our organization is the increased efficiency since each administration can order, handle and maintain all their access control products,” says Marcus Qvennersted, Security Director at Solna Stad.

Nexus GO Cards ensures that each administration gets the right cards encoded for their unique system and with the right security levels. The portal makes it easy to keep track of the total amount of cards, temporary cards and visitor cards issued and it is easy to block or change a card or an order.

“Nexus’ experience and well-known reputation as a high-security company suited us very well and we are looking forward to our mutual cooperation,” adds Marcus Qvennersted.


About Solna Municipality

Solna Municipality is a municipality in Stockholm County in Sweden, located just north of the Stockholm City Centre. Its seat is located in the town of Solna, which is a part of the Stockholm urban area.

With few exceptions, Solna's built-up areas have a suburban character, but there are also several large parks and Friends Arena, Sweden's new national football stadium adjacent to the Solna station of Stockholm commuter rail.

Solna has attracted a wide range of businesses and authorities, making it a major place of work in Greater Stockholm. Among the most important employers are the medical university Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) are also located in Solna.


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