Nexus SE46

Nexus SE46 is software that makes computers immune to malware. It can be used to protect things with or without an internet connection.

SE46 is based on whitelisting – the exclusive use of approved code – which is the opposite of the anti-malware approach, where applications code is blacklisted as harmful. Whitelisting works by issuing identities to approved software, making it possible to do an entitlement control of all code in the protected unit.

Most other whitelisting solutions need an internet connection, but one strength of SE46 is that it works equally well for unconnected equipment. It has been used for more than ten years in for example automated production systems, robotics, medical equipment, surveillance systems, and in military equipment.

Watch the movie where ABB is talking about the SE46 software in ICS:

The product is suitable if you want to:

  • Make your existing equipment immune to software based intrusion.
  • Manufacture smart things that are protected by design.
  • Protect things with or without internet connection.