Hybrid Access Gateway

Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway is a software-based security gateway, used to enable secure access to digital services – no matter where those services or users are located. The gateway supports a wide choice of user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) and provides powerful identity federation, enabling users to log on just once to reach all managed resources.

Hybrid Access Gateway can provide direct, secure access to your digital resources through its own web portal, or you can use it as a pluggable 2FA service to another online portal exposing your digital services.

Use cases include giving employees secure and convenient remote access to central enterprise resources, partner-hosted systems, and cloud services. The solution is also very well suited for cost efficient user authentication in online banking, e-commerce and e-gov services.

Hybrid Access Gateway can simplify and replace all of your existing authentication methods, for all the resources you choose to control through the gateway. This means that you do not have to rely on multiple passwords or hardware tokens, which are inconvenient to the user and sometimes insecure.

Hybrid Access Gateway can help you manage your journey from today’s complex mix of authentication factors through to the next generation of digital service management, using friendlier authentication processes that work for your own service users.

Hybrid Access Gateway key features include:

  • Off-the-shelf support for a wide range of two-factor authentication (2FA) methods, such as mobile apps, one-time passwords (OTP), smart cards, or software tokens.
  • Cloud identity – a pluggable 2FA service for online portals and cloud services.
  • Identity federation – the users’ electronic identities and attributes are linked and stored across multiple distinct identity management systems.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) – a user’s single authentication token is trusted across multiple IT systems or even organizations.
  • Registration with existing enterprise IDs, in for example Microsoft’s directory service Active Directory.
  • Ability to use eIDs you issue to your customers, employees, students, or citizens.
  • Support for eIDs from third parties, such as Swedish BankID, Norwegian BankID, Finnish TUPAS, and eIDs based on the standards stipulated by the EU regulation eIDAS.

The solution is suitable if you want to:

  • Enable secure access to your digital services – no matter where the services or users are located.
  • Facilitate two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO).
  • Have an easy-to-integrate solution to deploy on-site, off-site, or in the cloud.