What can you do with Smart ID PKI?

Set-up private Certificate Authority (CA)
Secure access to websites & applications (SSL/TLS)
Enable MFA for VPN or private network access
Enforce device authentication for workplace & IoT devices, MDM
Deploy code signing and authentication (DevOps)
Secure cloud application access
Provide passwordless shell access to machines (SSH)
Protect access to corporate network and WiFi
Initiate mutual authentication for secure web applications (mTLS)
Roll out email signing and encryption
Secure communication between microservices and containers
Manage keys in public cloud

Smart ID PKI vs Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services

Many organizations feel stranded by the news that their Certificate Authority (CA) software will be discontinued.

Smart ID PKI is a time-tested, multi-tenant, and highly scalable PKI platform that is well-suited for a small organization with an internal enterprise identity deployment as well as for a service provider with hundreds of hosted CAs.

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Future-proof security


Strong authentication ensures only authorized users, devices, or servers can connect to your network or application. 

Encryption guarantees privacy with encrypted communication between devices and services to securely transmit data over TLS.

Integrity is protected with digitally signed messages to prove the origin of data and detect data manipulation.

Enhanced interoperability

The Smart ID PKI supports a wide range of enrolment protocols and interfaces which makes it easily extensible to various use cases while keeping it secure and compliant with global industry standards.

  • ACME
  • CMC
  • CMP
  • EST
  • EST-coaps
  • SCEP
  • WinEP

Flexible deployment options


Quickly deploy a scalable service with fast onboarding. Avoid system and application downtime due to expired certificates


Deployed and managed by your team, Nexus will ensure that you receive regular software and security updates

Hybrid Deployment

Combine services and on-premise deployment for a customized set-up aligned to your needs

Not sure which deployment option to choose? 

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The trusted choice of global industry leaders

Leading global organizations are already relying on Nexus solutions.


Leading innovation through collaboration 

We are a part of consortiums and certifications that are pivotal in shaping the security standards, principles, and regulations of the future

Why choose Smart ID PKI

European vendor

Embrace cutting-edge European technology while ensuring compliance with strictest security and privacy regulations 

The complete PKI

Nexus Smart ID PKI is the only complete PKI solution that includes Certificate Management, Key Generation System, OCSP Responder, Timestamp Server, and much more

Address multiple use-cases

Leverage the PKI platform to address all corporate and governance use cases such as strong authentication, email encryption, digital signing, and securing IoT devices and applications

High security

Proven security in compliance with Common Criteria EAL4+, TISAX, and ISO 27001

High performance

Guaranteed high performance with a proven capacity to issue 10,000 certificates per second. Offered as a service, guaranteed SLA and capacity as you grow

Smooth migration

Easily migrate to our future-compatible, multi-tenant PKI platform and increase operational efficiency with automation, notifications, and self-service

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