What is physical access? 

Secure physical access means the rights of employees, contractors or visitors to enter an organization’s premises, which is essential for both information security and physical security. The individual’s access rights depend on the rights of the user group. For example, visitors have limited access to common areas, while the IT staff needs access to all server rooms, and so on. Multi-site organizations often rely on physical access control systems (PACS) from several vendors.

Smart ID Physical access is the set of best-practice processes for how to grant and manage secure access to different users into the right buildings, sites and office spaces. Automation and approvals are included to enable auditing of entitlements. Integration with an HR system or Active Directory helps streamline on- and offboarding of people.



These physical IDs can be used: 


physical access management

How does it work?

Smart ID Physical access manages all physical access in one central system, by synchronizing data resources and using automated processes to enforce security policies. As a result, the solution reduces duplicate identities, delay of removing terminated identities and unauthorized access.

Smart ID Physical access has the following key features:

  • Manages access rights, or entitlements, based on already existing user groups in the corporate directory
  • Includes standard processes for typical use cases, for example to withdraw entitlement from a user on leave
  • Offers self-service processes for your users’ convenience and for less administration
  • Provides predefined automated workflows to ease administration and to ensure compliance
  • Synchronizes entitlement data with multiple physical access control systems (PACS)
  • Can be configured to enforce approval steps to ensure authorized access to facilities

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Combine with other solutions

Add the following Smart ID modules for a complete solution to cover your needs: 

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Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Nexus solution are:


Enables compliance to local and global regulations, through smooth management, traceability and automated processes

Smooth management

Includes best-practice use cases for the full lifecycle from on- to offboarding.

Complete solution

Integrates into existing physical access control systems and helps cut down costs and administration, by offering self-service and automation.