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What are mobile virtual smart cards?

Mobile virtual smart cards are trusted digital identities hosted in a secure mobile app. They are used for out-of-band authentication to digital resources (such as Office 365 or other apps), digital signing, email encryption and visual identification.

With mobile virtual smart cards, you get an intuitive and user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) method. They are also an economical choice, since most users already have a smartphone, which means that you do not have to issue and manage hardware tokens, smart cards or smart card readers.

Mobile virtual smart cards are included in Smart ID Digital ID management, with automated lifecycle management and self-service workflows.

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Guide: 11 common questions on using Mobile Identities

Mobile identities are a good choice for smooth and secure two-factor authentication as part of a full solution to enforce zero trust in your organization.

When you consider switching to mobile identities, there are many questions you might have about how to get started and how it works in practice.

In this guide, we will answer the most common questions about trusted mobile identities in the form of mobile virtual smart cards (mobile VSC).

How does it work?

Mobile virtual smart cards are based on PKI and enable users to easily authenticate, encrypt or sign using fingerprint or face recognition.

The multi-factor app Smart ID Mobile App offers fingerprint and face recognition for easy usability. The app is used together with a messaging backend to manage the online authentication and signing services and for sending push notifications. 

Smart ID Mobile App can also be used in offline mode with one-time passwords (OTP). 

Smart ID Mobile App is available on iOS and Android.

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Use cases 

  • Secure access to digital resources
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Signing documents and emails
  • Email encryption


Combine with other solutions

Add the following Smart ID modules for a complete solution to cover your needs: 

Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Nexus solution are:

Easy to use

Are easy to use - simply download the app and activate it to get started.  

Cut down costs

Help cut down costs and administration by taking advantage of users’ smartphones and not demanding any other hardware tokens or smart cards. 

High security

Let you skip the passwords and use strong authentication in a smooth way.