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Vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers face challenges when they implement security functions in connected vehicles. They need to:

  • Follow international standards for plug & charge (ISO 15118) or for V2X (IEEE 1609.2), which rely on PKI technology.
  • Protect drivers’ privacy by complying with requirements, such as C-ITS.
  • Issue an extremely high volume of certificates for the V2X use case.
  • Authenticate vehicles to protect unauthorized access to backend services.
  • Protect software by code-signing in order to avoid manipulations during upgrades to the vehicle.
  • Prevent malware from executing in the embedded computers of the vehicles

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Nexus - Identities for V2X

Secure V2X Communication

Introduction to V2X communication including terminology, use cases, V2X security and more. Watch to learn more about V2X and how Nexus enables secure V2X communication.


10 K

certificates per second


Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified platform


V2X production service ready 

Why Nexus

Nexus’ platform for automotive PKI has the following key benefits:

High performance

Guaranteed high performance with a proven capacity to issue 10,000 certificates per second. Offered as a service, guaranteed SLA and capacity as you grow.


Fulfills automotive requirements by supporting standards, such as the IEEE 1609-2 and ETSI TS 103 097 (V2X) for digital certificate formats and interfaces, C-ITS for vehicle-to-grid (V2G), and ISO 15118 for plug & charge. 

High security

Proven security as Nexus’ quality-assured PKI platform is being certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+, and Nexus’ organization complies with ISO 27001 and TISAX. 

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Examples of research projects


New IoT research project aims to provide trusted high-quality elderly care

28 March, 2019
“We have initiated a new research project that we hope will result in a truly secure smart-healthcare system for elderly as well as younger and healthier people,” says Helen Holst, CIO at the Swedish municipality City of Solna.

New research project aims to “shrink” public key infrastructure (PKI) technology to secure the IoT

9 March, 2017
The internet of things (IoT) applications have started to hit the market in big numbers – but security is lagging behind.

Swedish research project CEBOT has solved one of the toughest IoT security problems

16 January, 2017
It has been hard to give resource-constrained things trusted identities, and as the internet of things (IoT) grows this has become one of the biggest security problems.

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