Do you recognize these challenges?

IoT is a cornerstone of Energy management and Smart Grids. The different equipment and devices in the ecosystem communicate over a network in order to share the data needed to make the energy system “smart”, efficient and cost-saving. IoT also plays into several other key areas such as IT automation and big data analytics.

IoT enablement of the energy systems, however, comes with security challenges and organizations could be heavily fined under EU's Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive if they fail to implement robust cybersecurity measures. Energy IoT security challenges include:

  • Security is often initially overlooked in the rush to make everything Internet-enabled
  • IoT solutions and processes layered on top of legacy systems sometimes, unfortunately, creates an interest among hackers and other malicious parties
  • Enormous pressure to meet stringent security controls in order to ensure that the critical infrastructure energy system is always protected and available

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Customer case

How Energa keeps its IoT infrastructure secure with PKI

Energa required the integration of various SmartMeter manufacturers, automatic and manual issuance for routers, data concentrators and direct load controller devices. Selecting the Smart ID IoT PKI ensures Energa end-to-end security and the ability to issue certificate-based, cryptographically secure and unforgeable identities.

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How does it work?

The security challenges faced by the players in the Energy sector has led many to rely on advanced Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. PKI platforms help secure digital transformation and security enhancement. Giving trusted identities to devices in the smart grid provides end-to-end security between the devices and/or to an IoT platform to help guarantee trustworthiness and high availability of the network energy system.

Nexus Smart ID and the GO IoT service based on it, are based on mature, scalable, highly reliable, continuously tested and maintained products. The multi-CA solution helps you adapt the PKI hierarchy and request certificates via standard protocols. Nexus' solution offers administration, reporting and automation features and a solid track record.

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Smart meter infrastructure security

Connected smart meter infrastructure brings many benefits, but also security challenges. Nexus Smart ID IoT platform enables the use of trusted identities to secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) from cyberattacks and comply with security regulations.


Smart meter project with Nexus Smart ID IoT

Leading Energy and Utility organizations trust Smart ID

Discover how Nexus enables trusted identities for a wide range of use cases for leading Energy and Utility organizations around the globe. Contact us for more information!

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Why Nexus

Nexus’ platform for IoT PKI has the following key benefits:

Proven worldwide

Is used in critical, large-scale installations by several of the biggest mobile operators world-wide.

High security

Offers proven high security as Nexus’ quality-assured PKI platform is being certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+, and Nexus’ organization comply with ISO 27001 and TISAX.


Enables compliance to local and global regulations through smooth management, traceability and automated processes.