What is digital access?

Secure digital access means the rights of employees, customers or citizens to log in to an organization’s digital resources, on local servers or in cloud-based systems. Multifactor authentication, meaning a user must present two or more separate pieces of evidence to prove their identity, is recommended for high security. And high security does not mean inconvenience for the user, rather the other way around - smooth usage is critical. 

Smart ID Digital access management is the set of processes for how to grant and manage secure access to different users into the right digital resources.


These digital IDs can be used: 



+ additional identities, such as OTP tokens, authentication apps, eIDAS compliant identity providers and Swedish BankID. 

Nexus-Digital Access

How does it work?

Smart ID Digital access management provides several methods for multifactor authentication, authorization of users by access rules and an access portal to collect all available resources. Identity federation and single sign-on (SSO) enable users to log in once to get access to multiple applications and systems.

Smart ID Digital access management has the following key features:

  • Can act as an identity provider against Nexus' services or external services.
  • Manages secure access to all kinds of digital resources that are installed on-premises or available in the cloud.
  • Protects resources against unauthorized access, by supporting various methods for multifactor authentication.
  • Helps end users to easily access all their resources, by using single sign-on and federation.
  • Makes administration smooth and secure, by using access rules.
  • Synchronizes identity data with a connected directory service.

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Combine with other solutions

Add the following Smart ID modules for a complete solution to cover your needs: 

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Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Nexus solution are:

High security

Secures digital resources on local servers or in the cloud with multifactor authentication.

Easy to use

Offers end users single sign-on to all their resources.

Complete solution

Acts as one central security gateway, through support for various resources and authentication methods.