What are access cards?

An access card, also known as a photo ID card or RFID card, enables you to access sites and buildings. Based on access rights, you can make sure to have only authorized card holders on your premises.

Nexus offers customized cards with your company logo and color schemes and personalized with photo, name, and more. Extra security elements can be added for increased security and to make the cards very hard to manipulate. 

If you order cards as a service from Nexus GO, you get customized and personalized access cards, encoded and ready to use, with the right security level for your organization. 

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Customize your cards

Combine the following components to suit your organizations needs:

Visual identity – Get your cards customized with a company logo and color scheme, personalized with a photo and personal data. 

RFID technology – Choose one or combine two of the most common RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technologies on high-quality cards with the original RFID chip. 

Visual security elements – Add security elements to ensure that your photo ID cards are hard to forge. 

Use cases 

  • Visual identification
  • Access to buildings
  • Follow-me printing

Want to know more about visual security elements?

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Combine with other solutions

Add the following Smart ID modules for a complete solution to cover your needs: 

Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Nexus solution are:

High security

Provides you with high quality RFID products from certified suppliers, only using original RFID chip.

Ready to use

Get your cards personalized and ready to use all with the right security levels for your organization.

Offered as a service

Select to order your card as a service, produce them on premise or combine both options.