XipLink solution enhanced with Nexus backhaul protection

Strong authentication and encryption for LTE and 5G backhaul are crucial to secure the communication between eNodeB/gNodeB and security gateways. To ensure high security, scalability, less administration and no risk of human error, MNOs utilize protocols such as Certificate Management Protocol (CMPv2) to automate the full process.

Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager has an automated process for issuing certificates and allows full lifecycle management including device registration, certificate request authentication, certificate renewal, and revocation.

With XipLink supporting CMPv2 and the interoperability with Nexus Certificate Manager, MNOs requiring end-to-end backhaul security can take advantage of XipLink’s RAN Optimization and TCP Acceleration.

The result is a secure trusted backhaul network that significantly reduces satellite or microwave bandwidth consumption and boosts subscriber throughput. As well as a dramatic improvement in access speed and reduction in bandwidth consumption across the Radio Access Network (RAN). XipLink optimized network differentiates an MNO’s service offering by enabling the transport of more customer traffic over a wireless link while simultaneously improving the Quality of Experience to the downstream subscriber.

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About XipLink
XipLink is the leading independent global technology provider for RAN Optimization and TCP Acceleration to deliver a better user experience over stress communication links. Globally, leading MNOs have deployed XipLink to boost mobile backhaul throughput, by significantly reducing satellite or microwave bandwidth consumption across the RAN. XipLink is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide. 

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