Nexus launches signing with Swedish BankID as a cloud service

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches signing with Swedish BankID as an easy-to-integrate cloud service. “For SEK 1 999 per month and SEK 0.70 per signature, you make it possible for your customers or citizens to sign agreements and other transactions online,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager for Nexus GO.

Swedish BankID is an electronic identity (eID) that is comparable to a driver’s licence, passport and other physical identification documents. It enables organizations to identify individuals online.

“With 7.2 million Swedes using BankID, it is by far the most popular eID in Sweden. Earlier this year we launched user authentication with Swedish BankID as a cloud service, and thus it was a natural next step for us to also make it really easy and cheap for our customers to enable their users to make digital signatures with Swedish BankID,” says Broman.

Completion within 24 hours

Nexus acts as the so-called relying party for BankID, which means that Nexus handles all costs and contracts towards the BankID-selling bank.

“You only have to create an account in our online portal Nexus GO and follow the simple instructions, and then digital signatures will be enabled for your online service within 24 hours. Up until now, it has been complicated and expensive to integrate signatures with Swedish BankID in e-services, so we are pretty excited that we have managed to make the process this smooth,” says Broman.

Suits all Swedish organizations

Nexus GO Signing with Swedish BankID supports both the desktop version and the mobile version of BankID. There are two price plans: Medium, costing SEK 1,999 per month and SEK 0.70 per signature, and Large, costing SEK 3,999 per month and SEK 0.62 per signature. It is also possible to test the new cloud service for free.

Nexus GO Signing with Swedish BankID suites all types of organizations that make agreements and other transactions with Swedish citizens, such as municipalities, e-commerce companies, healthcare providers, financial services, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations, casinos, sharing economy companies and governmental agencies.

Leads to more transactions

“Enabling your external users to sign online means that they will complete more transactions, and complete them faster. It also relieves your organization of slow, costly and error-prone paper work,” says Broman.

In autumn, Nexus will also launch a cloud service for online PDF signing that lets you decide freely how to authenticate your users. This method is therefore suited for all kinds of users, no matter where in the world they reside.