Sign digitally! 5 advantages with Citizen ID (eID for citizens)

How does Citizen ID work and what are the advantages with electronic identification? We have listed 5 reasons for implementation of eID for secure communication between governments, businesses, and citizens.

1. Secure identification

An eID functions exactly like an electronic passport, which means that it can be used to certify identities on line. In order to be as reliable as physical identification with a passport or international ID card, every eID is personal and is based on governmentally registered personal data.

2. Enter into agreements on line

With eID, you as a citizen can sign agreements with the government or the bank without the inconvenience of paper documents and physical identification. Business errands can be managed remotely, and services become accessible even for those who have difficulties with physically transporting themselves.

3. Forget passwords

User names and passwords can usually be hacked in less than a minute. This means that authentication methods are not optimal for services dealing with confidential information. The eID will be a secure option, where identification cannot be jeopardized due to weak passwords.

4. Flexible e-commerce

With eID, it is possible to verify the customer’s identity when signing an agreement or purchase. This also reduces the risk of fraud and makes it easier to conduct secure transactions on the internet.

5. Effective administration

Physical identification and signing agreements with the help of paper documents requires much administration and time. Instead, the digitizing of services and allowing customers to sign on line with the help of eID cards shorts the administration time and provides assurance for those who provide the service that they are communicating with the right person.