5 things to consider when you are going to select a card reader

What do you need to think about when you choose a card reader, and is it really possible to customize the card reader’s color and form? We have compiled a check-list with the criteria that are worth taking into consideration when selecting a card reader for your access control system.

1. Can the reader be integrated with the existing access control system?

A new card reader can be an expensive experience, if it cannot be integrated with your existing access control system. You should always investigate whether the reader will function together with the existing access control system while retaining the security and information exchange.

2. How is the information encrypted?

A card reader gets information about the owner’s access entitlement via a card, a key tag, or for example, a mobile telephone. The information is then sent further to the access control system in order to allow passage or not, which thereby also places a demand on secure management of the information. You should always ask how the information between the reader and the access control system is encrypted, in order to be on the safe side.

3. What authentication methods are supported?

It is increasingly common to use mobile units for identification and authentication. With the help of these, your co-workers can identify themselves via, for example, a smart watch, telephone or tablet, instead of having to deal with separate cards and keys. You should always investigate what methods are supported and are planned for in the future, in order to avoid unexpected costs.

4. There is no such thing as bad weather…

…just bad card readers. Have you been thinking about setting up the card reader outdoors? Some card readers are not built for the Swedish, highly variable climate. You should always ask questions about the reader’s durability and discuss your needs with an expert before you place an order.

5. Would you like to customize the appearance?

Not all companies offer the possibility of customizing the appearance of card readers and cards/tags. Perhaps you would like to have different color codes for readers that give access to different localities? You should always find out whether there is a possibility to put a personal touch on the reader.