SecureCare IoT

Connected healthcare made secure and interoperable

The SecureCare IoT research project has been successfully completed. The project aimed to design, implement, and deploy a smart-healthcare system for citizens that can be used as a model and replicated on a large scale. Participating in the project were Solna Stad (municipality), RISE, Alleato and Nexus Group.

The project has clearly demonstrated that an IoT application can securely collect data from constrained healthcare devices, e.g., battery-driven constrained sensors detecting when someone falls out of bed, and also provide secure access to collected sensor data for different parties.

A key characteristic of the application is that it is completely based on standards, ensuring that vendor independence for solution components is achieved. This prevents e.g., caregivers from getting stuck with single vendors and their products and/or services.

Newly developed certificate management protocol EST-coaps plays a key role in enabling constrained IoT sensors to securely transmit data in a standards-based solution, while certificate-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the foundation for secure access to the collected sensor data.

More details about the project and the IoT application are described in this movie clip.

SecureCare was funded by the strategic innovation program Internet of Things Sweden, which in turn is funded by Vinnova, Formas and Energimyndigheten.


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