Order RFID products

Nexus offers a large number of different identity bearers with the touch-free RFID technology, for example, key tabs, bracelets, and watches. We even have a variety of accessories for plastic cards and other identity bearers.

Many workplaces require that the employees have their ID card visible, and the card can, for example, be carried in a card holder that is pinned directly to the clothing, in a lanyard, or in a yoyo. Nexus has a broad selection of this type of card accessories, and we can also develop products with your logotype and card profile.

You can also put your own touch on the identity bearers. We can, for example, engrave your logotype on key tabs or develop an RFID bracelet that has exactly the right color and shape.


If you would like to order RFID-products, please call us at +46 8 685 45 60 or email order.en@nexusgroup.com.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Be able to order accessories on line.
  • Increase security by having a clear visual appearance of the identity bearers.
  • Avoid concerns about delivery and stock supply.