SecTember: Security-focused month at Nexus

At Nexus, we are excited to have started our internal Security event, "SecTember 2020".

Security is a part of Nexus’ DNA. Each day we enable our customers and partners to protect their organizations, employees and devices using industry certified technology and products. As the security world continues to rapidly change, alongside the acceleration of digital transformation due to COVID-19, it’s essential for security, in all formats, to be a top priority for all organizations.

The month-long event, SecTember, for all Nexus staff was organized in order to inspire, educate and present the best practices and the ways to stay secure.

SecTember 2020 is an ambitious internal Nexus campaign which runs the entire month of September to re-enforce and promote cybersecurity among our global staff. Each week presentations and workshops are held to educate the Nexus team and ensure everyone internally understands how to best protect themselves individually, their colleagues, the company and our customers and partners. Topics include Information Security, Security by design, Privacy and Data Transfers and more.

Security is not something theoretical or just about creating policies. We at Nexus understand that security is not a simple task added to a list and focused on for a day or month, but rather an ongoing effort that is continually updating and changing and is being done by everyone in an organization.

Through this internal event, our Security team has put the spotlight on the daily security work all employees can do. It also gives us the chance to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity and strengthen our ability to securing societies all around the world.

This is why we are proud to introduce September as the security month at Nexus … we call it SecTember.


More information

As a security company, Nexus handles​​ different types of information such as business information, customers info​​rmation, system information and personal ​data. Each day we enable our customers and partners to protect their organizations, employees and devices using industry certified technology and products. Information is one of the most valuable assets at ​Nexus and events such as SecTember ensure we are delivering the best security and support to our clients.

To learn more about our internal event, SecTember, or Nexus in general, contact us.




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