Nexus shows off its new Smart ID solution at SECTECH 2017

Identity and security company Nexus Group shows off its new Smart ID solution at the security technology fair SECTECH in Stockholm, Sweden. “With our new solution, you can use one single Smart ID for all digital and physical access,” says Daniel Hjort, director for the Nexus Smart ID solution.

Today, most organizations require their users to keep track of multiple passwords and physical tokens to be able to access physical and digital resources.

“Digital and physical access control is merging, and it is getting increasingly complex for administrators to manage onboarding and offboarding of users, synchronization between multiple access systems, and approvals of entitlements,” says Hjort.

Integrating all physical and digital access

The Smart ID solution integrates all physical and digital access, and enables the organization to issue multifunctional IDs (on cards, smartphones or other devices) that are easy to both manage and use.

“We see a very strong market demand for the Smart ID solution. The general cyber security threat and regulations such as the GDPR and PSD2 of course play a part, but the major driving force is the unsustainable situation many users and administrators have today – they can’t keep juggling all the different passwords, authenticators and systems,” says Hjort.

Advanced security in an attractive format

Nexus’s products have been trusted by the market since 1984, and one of the main reasons behind the company’s success is that it provides very advanced security technologies in attractive and easy-to-use formats.

“The Smart ID solution is the epitome of this trait of ours. It consists of a combination of nearly all of our cutting-edge technologies, but we have hidden the complexity. We are providing a solution that really simplifies the everyday life for our customers – at the same time as giving them a very high degree of security and compliance,” says Hjort.

You find us in booth 03:58 at SECTECH, November 21–22, 2017.