Sambi, not samba, makes the Swedish healthcare systems dance together

For those of us who follows the Swedish healthcare sector, we recognize there is no lack of challenges. Stressful environments for the staff, legacy systems that needs to be updated and increasing demands from patients for eServices and seamless integration between caregivers.

That is why the federation Sambi is so important. It is a joint technical infrastructure for the Swedish healthcare system in order to handle identities and access to e-services.

Previously on this blog, we have talked about Skolfederation, the federation for the Swedish school system, and how this can enable innovation and increase effectiveness. The same goes for Sambi in the healthcare sector.

Sambi enables all staff within healthcare to have just one login for all connected e-services. It makes the e-services easy to access, reduces the need for administration and at the same time ensures strong security, protecting access to sensitive patient information.

While the people employed in the healthcare system play a crucial role in society, safeguarding the health and vitality of our citizens, all too often too much time is spent on remembering the process for the different logins and logouts.

With Sambi this is a thing of the past. You only need one login to access all connected e-services. The flexibility of the federation also allows for alternative ways of login, from SITHS to your own organizations eID.

Sambi also makes it easier to integrate new e-services into the healthcare system. The federation is technology and vendor independent and it does not require big investments to adjust your system to access the federation.

Sambi saves costs for a healthcare system under pressure to spend every cent wisely. It is run by a collaboration between the Swedish eHealth Agency, Inera and The Internet foundation in Sweden.

Just like Skolfederation, Nexus plays an active part in developing this unified framework. The company has supported numerous municipalities and county councils in how take full advantages of Sambi.

In our view, Sambi is one of the most important infrastructure project for the healthcare system in Sweden. And in the end of the day, the biggest winners are the patients. That is why we feel so strongly about Sambi and are so proud to play a part in making it a success.