Your organization might face challenges like:

  • Existence of systems and services which are currently not state-of-the-art secured (often the case when integrating new acquired BIZ areas or use- cases into the existing process landscape)

  • Enhanced security requirements within 5 G networks (backhaul protection, Campus networks, ORAN etc.)

  • Complexity having to handle various parallel run PKI - services for different use-cases within your organization (e.g., different radio-HW suppliers having implemented their own PKI solutions)

Nexus’ platform for LTE and 5G PKI offers proven high security as
Nexus’ quality-assured PKI platform is certified according to
Common Criteria EAL4+, is used in critical, large-scale installations
by several of the biggest mobile operators world-wide
and is offered as a service.


Discover the Smart ID platform

Nexus Smart ID is an identity and security platform that consists of standardized and easy-to-use modules. The Smart ID platform enables:

Issuing of certificates to all radio network devices, independent of vendor, for backhaul protection based on the CMPv2 certificate management protocol
Support for SCEP and EST protocols enabling enrolment of network devices that do not comply with the CMPv2 standard.
ACME protocol available allowing integration with virtualization platforms, like Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Openstack, etc.

The Nexus LTE PKI is based on a mature, scalable, highly reliable, continuously tested and maintained products. The multi-CA and multitenancy solution helps you to adapt the PKI hierarchy, administration and reporting, to your needs.




Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager can issue and manage the lifecycle of trusted identities based on PKI certificates through standard certificate management protocols, including ACME, SCEP, EST and CMP. Nexus supports backhaul protection, secure NF communication, virtualization platforms PKI and SUCI PKI.

PKI as a Service

Nexus GO IoT is a PKI certificate lifecycle management cloud service for IoT applications. The service is based on the Nexus Smart ID IoT product. It is used and appreciated by many customers in different industries on a global basis.

 PKI as a Service

Identities for 5G networks

As mobile network operators around the world develop and roll out their 5G networks, enabling more and better connectivity and facilitating the IoT, there are several security aspects to consider.

Tackle the security challenges of 5G with Nexus Smart ID IoT.

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