With Nexus Smart ID for the Workforce, trusted identities for employees, contractors and visitors are managed in one central system, which can easily be integrated into existing corporate directories and other systems. This enables smooth and secure on- and offboarding of employees and contractors and makes it easy to trace actions and audit the solution.

Trusted identities can be used to securely log on to Windows, sign documents digitally, sign and encrypt emails, identify visually, access buildings, and log in once with multifactor authentication to all digital resources and more. Discover more use cases here.

Nexus Smart ID consists of standardized and easy-to-use modules. Click on a module to the right to learn more.


Identities for the Workforce

Nexus Smart ID Introduction

Discover the Nexus Smart ID for the Workforce platform including the individual modules that make up the solution in under 20 minutes. 

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Guide: Zero Trust Checklist

Most experts agree that it’s imperative you don’t trust anyone or anything before verifying their identity. Use this checklist to make sure you cover the most important aspects in order to achieve a successful security solution for your organization.

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Webinar: Smart ID Platform

A 45-minute introduction including what components make up the platform and how they interact and work together. Discover how the Nexus solution integrates with other systems and how the solutions can be bought and delivered.

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