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IoT security

Guide: How to build a secure IoT infrastructure

12 October, 2020
The internet of things (IoT) is booming, with more than 20 billion connected devices expected worldwide by 2020. This guide explains why security i...

9 steps to securing your workplace devices

29 May, 2020
In this guide, you will learn how to secure the work-place devices in your organization while avoiding the pitfalls, and how to set up a scalable a...

Zero Trust Checklist: Are you covering all aspects?

7 May, 2020
In this guide, we will answer the most common questions about trusted mobile identities in the form of mobile virtual smart cards (mobile VSC).

Video: How Karlskrona municipality implemented electronic signatures

3 January, 2019
In this 17-minute video you will learn how and why Karlskrona municipality implemented electronic signatures. Ewa Strömberg, HR manager, and Emma H...
Access control Authentication

Checklist: 6 crucial considerations when choosing an e-signature solution

16 November, 2018
Trustworthy electronic signatures are necessary for digitalization, and they can save you time and money as well as increase your competitiveness. ...
IoT security PKI

Video: Enabling Trusted Identities for the Internet of Things

29 October, 2018
Watch this webinar to learn how IoT PKI controls device identity, from manufacturing bootstrap to lifecycle management, delivers protected operatio...
IoT security Report

Trend Report: How to make your IT architecture ready for 2020

3 September, 2018
Those who work with IT architecture must stay up to date in many different areas. Four of the most important areas, which are developing at an incr...
Lifecycle management

Guide: The IT manager’s cheat sheet

26 March, 2018
Would you like to get ahead of security issues? Security threats are constantly developing, as cyber criminals come up with new and more sophistica...