Q&A from NIS2 Webinar

Find answers to all questions about the European Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) from the webinar below.

How can one effectively prepare for the upcoming changes in cybersecurity regulations when it feels overwhelming, time-pressured, and without national laws? What are the concrete steps to prioritize in preparation?
NIS2 mandates MFA; is the use of SMS-based OTPs permissible?
How should we approach legislation, considering our multinational presence?
Do you anticipate significant variations in how member states interpret and implement the Directive?
There are multiple directives being introduced simultaneously, such as NIS2, CER, CRA, etc. How do you perceive the relationship between these directives?
Do Nexus provide consulting services such as audit and risk assessment?
Is there a recommended national Swedish site for NIS2 information, and could you provide insights on the preparedness of Swedish lawmakers?
Which national supervisory authorities are responsible for overseeing cybersecurity in Germany, France, and Sweden?

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