Zero Trust IT Environment

Trusted machine identities are fundamental to modern enterprise. They establish unique identities
for the corporate IT equipment and enable a zero-trust IT architecture and digital business.

More and more IT assets are present in organizations, including personal computers, mobile devices, servers, web applications, services, network devices, network printers, conference systems, etc.
Like people need trusted credentials, e.g., passports or smartcards, to prove their identity, systems and devices use digital certificates to authenticate themselves.

Communication between IT assets is carried out in a network that has access to the outside world, exchanging data with various cloud services, allowing employees to connect equipment in remote
locations, e.g. in-home office, and is therefore exposed to threats.

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Overcome common challenges

 Nexus provides a high-performing, standards-compliant solution
for protecting IT environments with PKI certificates as a service.

Organizations face challenges with both functionality and PKI knowledge, so
opting for an as-a-service solution can oftentimes be the best solution.

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  • The corporate IT environment does not implement a zero-trust architecture
  • The corporate IT environment entails a plethora of different assets, including devices managed by an MDM system as well as unmanaged devices, that need proper certificate management
  • Corporate IT certificate management relies on manual processes – leading to increased service unavailability risk, scaling difficulties, and compliance challenges.
  • The on-premises CA platform in use requires significant know-how and efforts relating to certificate management operations and maintenance
  • And more...

Solution - Nexus GO Workplace

Nexus GO Workplace is the corporate PKI service that provides a remedy to the above-listed challenges. The service is well-proven and relied upon by many organizations in private and the public sectors. Benefits of Nexus GO Workplace include:

  • Enabling zero-trust architecture by providing digital PKI certificates to all assets in the corporate IT environment

  • Support for virtually all IT equipment, including devices managed by MDM systems, e.g. Intune, MobileIron, VMWare Workspace ONE, etc., as well as different unmanaged devices, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS devices and others

  • Enabling a high level of automation based on standard certificate enrolment protocols, such as SCEP, ACME, EST and more

  • Providing high flexibility with regards to CA hierarchy, certificate formats and content

  • Let’s you focus on your core business and avoid developing in-house PKI expertise

  • Offering a pay-as-you-grow business model

  • Possibility to combine with Nexus GO Workforce for management of trusted identities and credentials for the workforce (employees)

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Nexus + Softline

Nexus works with a global network of highly qualified partners. Our long-standing and trusted integrator partner Softline works with global companies to implement Nexus' Smart ID platform and GO solutions.

Softline is a specialized and sustainably growing IT consulting company with headquarters in Leipzig and locations in Munich and Wolfsburg, focusing on IT- und Software Asset Management (SAM), Information- and IT-security, Cloud and Future Data Center as well as Digital Workplace.

Together, Nexus and Softline have completed many projects helping organizations to enable trusted identities.   

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PKI Expertise

Selecting Nexus' GO Workplace service with professional services provided by Softline ensures several benefits including access to a team of PKI experts. This ensures that your service will always be up-to-date, meeting the latest regulations, and ensures you can focus on your core business while our teams focus on your public key infrastructure.

Advanced functionality includes:

  • Managed (MDM) and unmanaged devices
  • CA hierarchy/formats
  • Automated and manual processes

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PKI helps organizations establish end-to-end trust with secure identities for users, systems, and things. Encryption and signing further help mitigate unauthorized data access and tampering. 

Nexus and Softline offer complementary PKI-based solutions as-a-service to promote trust in every transaction. At the event, we will together bring forth different aspects that you must consider for the successful adoption of comprehensive security. 

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