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Nexus´ sales goes through a paradigm shift

15 March, 2018
GET TO KNOW Volker Kunz, VP of Sales at identity and security company Nexus Group. “Nexus is going through an important paradigm shift on our ‘go t...
IoT security PKI

Security is often forgotten in IoT projects

13 March, 2018
For research projects on IoT standards, security should be a key consideration from the very beginning. However, many IoT projects within manufactu...
Access control Authentication

What is a cloud access security broker – and why use one?

13 December, 2017
The IT infrastructure of organizations keeps getting redefined. Teams within the organization are now buying cloud services themselves – and the IT...

How to comply with the PSD2 and its regulatory technical standards

5 December, 2017
The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) puts high demands on the financial industry to improve security and open up for third-party providers...

“The market for security as cloud services has a great potential”

27 November, 2017
GET TO KNOW Tamas Horvath, product manager of PKI as a Service at identity and security company Nexus Group. “The security method PKI has had a big...

“Excellent communication is the secret sauce for world-class support”

23 November, 2017
GET TO KNOW Petra Arnold, head of support at identity and security company Nexus Group. “The secret sauce for providing world-class support is ensu...
IoT security PKI

The forgotten half of IoT security – and how to fix it

20 November, 2017
Inadequate internet of things (IoT) security has gotten a lot of attention lately, and most experts say that providing all entities with PKI-based ...
IoT security

“Hey, IoT prophets of doom – I’ve made an action-list for you”

16 November, 2017
There are a lot of internet of things (IoT) prophets of doom out there. Most recently, the mobile phone industry has aired their concerns. And of c...
Authentication IoT security PKI

“There is a time-tested security method that can reliably disarm the IoT threat”

15 November, 2017
IoT (internet of things) security has now literally become a matter of life and death. “We have seen an avalanche of potentially deadly vulnerabili...
Access control

Why you should use one Smart ID for all physical and digital access

4 October, 2017
All organizations need to grant their employees access to the right physical and digital resources. Most organizations manage this with several dif...
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