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Cards & credentials ID06

Secure digitalization with the new ID06 card

18 January, 2019
The new secure identity card (ID06) for everyone in the construction industry in Sweden opens up lots of opportunities for both the individual and ...
Authentication Online service

How “What You See Is What You Sign” works

12 December, 2018
What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) refers to the part of the signature process where you read the document you intend to sign and ensure that ...
Authentication Online service

This is how easy it is to have people digitally sign a PDF (video + text)

7 December, 2018
The cloud service Nexus GO PDF Signing enables all your users to make secure digital signatures on PDF documents. “We’ve made the service really ea...
Access control Authentication

How to choose what kind of electronic signatures to use

28 November, 2018
Before you get going with e-signing, it’s important to investigate what kind of e-signatures you need to ensure compliance with current and future ...

The eIDAS regulation explained in 3 minutes

12 November, 2018
eIDAS – the European Union’s Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services regulation – is being applied directly and in its entiret...
Access control Authentication Lifecycle management Online service

How to use external identity provider for Nexus’ security services

2 November, 2018
Many new use cases have emerged from the new partnership between the new European identity platform Verimi and the identity and security company Ne...

“Today, Nexus sells ready-made products that the market demands”

1 November, 2018
GET TO KNOW Tobias Eng, Key Account Manager at Nexus, who left Nexus 2.5 years ago and now is back. "Nexus has made a great journey since then. Tod...
IoT security PKI

How to validate certificates in IoT devices

5 October, 2018
Public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates are the best available technology to use in internet of things (IoT) devices for secure communication,...
IoT security PKI

How to design a PKI certificate lifecycle management process for IoT devices

28 September, 2018
Public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates are straightforward to use in internet of things (IoT) devices for secure communication, access contro...
IoT security PKI

A brief history of modern communication security – and why PKI is the state of the art

24 September, 2018
Encryption techniques have been used for millennia to protect communication – first on Mesopotamian clay tablets and most recently in the internet ...
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