Region Gotland solves eIDAS connection using the Nexus login portal

The Region Gotland, with almost 60,000 inhabitants, is first among Swedish municipalities to have a fully functioning connection with the Swedish eIDAS node Sweden Connect. According to eIDAS Regulation, all Swedish public organizations with public e-services must offer the opportunity to log in with a “Foreign eID” from September 29, 2018. “Using the Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) portal, all EU residents can have an EU-approved e-credential log in, “says Jan Broman, IT strategist at Region Gotland.

When an EU citizen logs in to the Region Gotland´s website, they encounter the option to sign in with a “Foreign eID” for e-services that require it. Such an ID is an EU-approved electronic ID from any EU country, other than Sweden in this case. The intention is to offer cross-border services across the EU, thus facilitating labor mobility, which is a step towards a common market. “The goal is to adapt the appropriate e-services that Region Gotland has, so that they are also available to citizens from other EU countries,” says Jan Broman.

Nexus offers support for the EU’s new regulations and for new Swedish eIDs

The identity and security company Nexus Group offers support for new Swedish eIDs and for logging in with European eIDs according to eIDAS, directly linked to the local infrastructure of the municipality / organization. Through an IDP (identity provider), an organization can receive logins with new Swedish eIDs such as FREJA eID and Svenska PASS (Swedish Passport company) as well as logins with approved eIDs from other EU countries. “Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) is a powerful platform that provides secure login, permission management, access and SSO (Single Sign-On) via federation and other methods. Nexus HAG can also be used as a “proxy IDP” and build the identity certificates required by all business services, “says Stefan Runneberger, Technical account manager at Nexus.

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The connection for the region of Gotland is made by Nexus´s partner Certezza. Other Nexus partners also have good knowledge of how to set up eIDAS connections via the Nexus HAG.