IT financial magazine: Protecting core bank processes with Identity and Access Management

The financial sector works almost fully IT-based. That alone is reason enough to invest into a proper IT security strategy. On July 18, the German IT financial magazine IT Finanzmagazin published an article on “Core Bank Processes: Platform Solutions for Identity and Access Management”.

Why is the platform so important?

First of all, central platform solutions provide a gapless overview and control of all gateways (or potential gateways) to the organization. They close dangerous security breaches stemming from a “patchwork” of different systems. At the same time, a good platform offers the possibility to integrate existing systems via standard interfaces, thus protecting investments already made. And Identity and Access Management solution can offer all these advantages, thus helping businesses with compliance as well as business and approval processes.

What role does Identity and Access Management play in the broader security landscape of banks today? Read on in German on